Welcome to Wind & Waves Soaps!

The Greatest Joy Is To Create With Your Hands.

My name is Staci Lynn and I make handcrafted soaps in small batches in East Falls, Philadelphia. Using mindful ingredients from trusted vendors that value ethical sourcing, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability, I design precise recipes following the cold process method that combines saponified plant based oils and butters, natural clays, herbs, and aromatic essential oils. This results in a wonderfully crafted bar of soap that is both visually appealing and naturally cleansing. My soap making inspiration is pulled from the sea and surf, the wind and waves, all of which have carried me along since 2014.

What Is Real Soap?

Real soap is made from mixing oils and a dissolved alkali salt (sodium hydroxide / lye) with a liquid. The result is a combined chemical reaction called saponification. After saponification, there is no remaining lye in the mixture, and what's left is a wonderfully moisturizing by-product called glycerin. Many commercial soap companies remove glycerin because it's expensive and replace it with detergents and other synthetic ingredients leaving you with an over drying and harsh detergent bar.

Why Do I Make Soap?

Our skin is the largest organ in the human body and I'm not comfortable using products with mysterious ingredients and unfamiliar chemicals. With this in mind, I learned how to make soap. To my surprise, soap making is an engaging process, envelops your senses, and is a crafty combination of science, art, and self-care that is both steeped in tradition and continuously evolving.